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Here are some of the emails and comments that have come directly from cape owners:

From: Lorrie and Parker

Thank you very much! Parker and I are so excited about giving this personalized present to his good Kindergarten friend. The "Super Kelden" cape will be just perfect, since he really thinks he is a Super Hero! Thanks for customizing this special gift for us! We appreciate your having this product for kids especially the magnetized "collar" Parker loves that he can put his on all by himself (all of his other ones have ties or buttons). We look forward to receiving this, wrapping it, and presenting it to Kelden at his birthday party. We know that he'll absolutely love it! Many thanks.

From: Lori

Hi Laura, I love Benjamin's cape. I've been telling everyone about them. He's going to be so so happy when he opens it on Christmas. I look forward to seeing Erzsi's. Someday I'll splurge for me and the hubby. Thanks a lot!

Flash: Lori came with her kids to a show in May 2006 and did indeed splurge for her and the hubby (and Grandma too!).

Here's her updated story: The Super Grandma cape was a big hit and now my stepfather is in need of a super grandpa cape for Father's Day.

So now the entire family has capes - look for a family picture soon!

From: Jennifer

The cape came today and it is absolutely perfect! The one cat I bought it for refuses to let me put it on her but my other kitty was more than happy to wear it! Picture attached! Thank you so much and I look forward to ordering from you again!

From: Robin

I met you and your sister about 2 years ago at a fair down here in San Diego (Tierrasanta Patriots Day Parade and Fair). I bought 2 capes for my 2 older children, and was pregnant with this one who is now 2 and wants a cape like big brother and sister. I was so happy to see that you are on-line!! Any chance that you'll ever be back in San Diego is there? Thank you!

From: Deena

Thank you so much for the capes!

They look wonderful! I know the kids will absolutely LOVE them! They are even better than I could have imagined!

Thank you so much for the time and dedication you put into each one of them!

From: Mark (DAD)

Helen lost her cape! So I would like a matching replacement with the letter H like the ones in the photos. The kids are: Cecelia 6, Helen 4, and Thomas 2.

I love having the capes when we go to a place like the zoo or the park because it makes it so easy to keep track of the kids.

From: Joan (MOM)

The capes the kids are wearing were Christmas gifts and they wear them whenever they can. It attracts a lot of attention, which I think that they like. It makes it pretty easy to spot them. Thomas was a little hesitant to wear his at first, but I think that the girls wore him down.

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