Our Story

Laura and her sister Renee started Supercapes in 2003. It all started in a garage in the small town of Orangevale, just outside of Sacramento, California.



At 2 years old, Renee's son, Everett, was what we call "a cape kid." He was, and still is, the inspiration for SuperCapes. Laura and Renee realized there is a need for capes for kids all year long... not just at Halloween. So they decided that they were the ones to fulfill that need by making high-quality custom capes. .

Now 15 years later It is still a garage based company and the office is above the "factory floor" (AKA the spare room above the garage). We now have help cutting and sewing the capes, and a four head commercial embroidery machine that occupies over half of the garage. We have come a long way from the days of using a vintage 1965 Singer sewing machine and a table top Brother home embroidery machine. Laura had a yearning to be near the beach so has moved to the Santa Cruz area. Keeping the business in the Family it is now run by her brother John DeLucia and his wife Carrie!

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