Everett's Story

Everett never really enjoyed crawling. He longed to run around to explore. When he was learning to crawl, it was obvious that he was frustrated by his lack of forward movement. He wanted to GO PLACES! He didn't talk much until he was 2 ½ years old - he was too busy trying to develop his motor skills. With him, it was physical development first, speech development later!

So at about 2½, Everett had mastered running (well, more or less), and started noticing characters in cartoons that could fly. He was already fascinated by airplanes, since his mother was a flight attendant. "Where is my mommy?" Everett would ask. "She's working in an airplane" would be the response. So the jump from airplanes to superhero was not a difficult one.

He didn't have mommy tie towels around his neck like many children do. He had one of those baby bath towels (A Winnie the Pooh towel, to be exact) that has a hood to keep young heads from catching a draft after a bath. So he ran around with that…holding the hood onto his head and racing around. Although this was cute, it was dangerous, since he did not have his hands to break his falls (he was, after all, only 2½).

Christmas was coming, and all decided a good gift for Everett would be a superhero cape. Imagine our surprise when there was not a one to be found. Sure, there were the footy pajamas with a Velcro™ cape…but this was really only suitable for bedtime. How could this be? A superhero cape stimulates such creativity and bestows great empowerment to those who wear it! If you don't believe me, try one on! You may feel embarrassed at first. But then you feel happy, outgoing, and willing to face the world with confidence.

So a cape was hand made for the occasion.

On Christmas morning, at 2 yrs 8 months old, Everett opened his cape amidst the clamor of a typical Christmas morning for our family - pure and simple chaos. Although it didn't look like much coming out of the box, Everett knew this wasn't just another shirt or pair of pants. He waited to see what it was. A Cape! A Cape! As soon as that cape was placed around his neck, Everett was oblivious to all unopened presents. He went around to several grown-ups in the room, and said "Look" (remember, he's still not talking much at this point…still working on those running skills), and tried to swing his head around to his back in order to see the cape he wore. Then, without prompting, he struck a pose and hollered "SUPER MAN!!!" That pose was the hit of the day. It will never be forgotten.

Everett is a teenager now. He doesn't wear capes like he use to. But he and his friends raided the costume box at Halloween and the first things to get snatched up were the capes.

So as you can see, Everett was the inspiration for SuperCapes. We still have the original cape he wears in the video.

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